Security Eyes  supply and install professional CCTV,cameras, digital video recorders and alarm system, etc.

As for CCTV Digital cameras, IR cameras,Digital video recorders, Alarm system and Intercom. etc, SecurityEyes mainly focus on this area and have professional development teams and more than twenty years security CCTV Installation experience. New technology about CCTV, cameras, Digital video recorders in Japan, Korea or Taiwan is showed in the SecurityEyes show room. Security Eyes makes your security solution to catch up the Highest, Best and top Secure world security technology. All sensor or chipset in the CCTV cameras, camera lenses,IR cameras are made in SONY, PANASONIC, SHARP and SAMSUNG brands.

It is a professional commercial and private security solution provider in Australia. It is leading Australian security market and self-develops some professional software system.

Also, it makes close cooperation with the Point-of-Sales companies, such as Uniwell and IBM, in order to provide an integrated surveillance and POS system.

Professional surveillance system developer, Security Eyes, holds its own software development team. The team includes five professional programmers who are good at VB ,ASP, .NET, JAVA, PHP and C++ programming language. Also, three skilled Database administrators are responsible for the database design and setup. Database development includes Point-of-Sales system, Distributing database management system, Supermarket stock Management system and Resturants Order system (Such as Pizza shop). Dynamic web design, database system design, and POS software development, SecurityEyes is your fist choice.